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What Questions Should I Ask Before Getting A Massage?

Trained practitioners are happy to share their credentials with you. It is important that you first look for the NCBTMB seal and ask the practitioner if they are nationally certified by the NCBTMB.

Lori Larsen of A Tranquil Touch is NCBTMB certified!

How Do I Benefit From National Certification?

By seeking out a nationally certified practitioner, you know that you r interests are being protected, and therefore you should feel more comfortable using the services of a nationally certified practitioner. Board certified practitioners adhere to strict ethical and professional standards.

How Can I Locate A Nationally Certified Practioner In My Area?

NCBTMB maintains a registry of nationally certified practitioners. You may find this list by visiting the NCBTMB website at or through the automated line at 800-296-0664 or to receive personal assistance, call the NCBTMN headquarters at 703-610-9015.

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I Often Get Massages When I Travel, How Can I Know That I Am Always Getting A Nationally Certified Practitioner?

Consumers who travel can feel confident when using the services of a nationally certified practitioner whose practices are aligned with a national standard. However, it is important that you always look for the national certification, ask the practitioner about their credentials and understand the value and assurance that comes with national certification.

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